Program Breakdown

The programme is designed to be delivered online, with the theoretical and practical components carried out via remote learning and instructor led lectures, focused on developing a student’s knowledge and skills in the production of nautical charts. The programme completes with the student’s proficiency being assessed through a Comprehensive Cartographic Project.

Sept. 11th, 2023 – Apr. 5th, 2024

Participants will have an elapsed period of 30 weeks to complete the 22 week program

The IIC Academy has integrated the theoretical component of the program under a Learning Management System platform, which will allow participants to follow the modules and study from the comfort of their Homes or offices only requiring a computer and internet access.


This module covers the introduction to the program. A brief history of nautical charting. Overview of charting in the world today.


This module covers the essential aspects of nautical chart production, with details about the S-57 Object Catalogue, data sources and production tools available in the market, together with an insight on common industry practices when it comes to chart production.


This module covers the important aspects of nautical chart production, covering aspects like chart design, quality controls on source data, sounding selection and chart validation.


This module covers the elements of Geology, Geophysics, Oceanography, Meterology and Law of the Sea.


This module covers the concepts, evolution, practical deployments, role of MSDI in marine national and regional development.


This module covers the remote sensing concepts, principles, and practice.


To complete the program, students will be tasked with a Comprehensive Cartographic Project, in which they will have to plan and compile a chart and execute the proper validation checks to guarantee its integrity and usability.